Favourites: 3 Rides at Thorpe Park

So last Tuesday, James went to Thorpe Park for the first time! It was kind of his first visit to any theme park as well - Legoland just doesn't count! Jessica had been before and despite her fear of the rides, went on all of them! So together, we have come up with our three favourite rides...

1) Stealth

At a staggering 0-80mph in 2 seconds, Stealth is one of Europe's fastest rollercoasters! Before you know it, you're 205 feet in the air, and about to take the exhilarating fall back down to ground! All in all, the ride takes just 15 seconds, but we didn't mind - there was barely a queue when we went to go on it! In fact there wasn't much of a queue for any ride that day! It was a Tuesday afternoon during exam season - the perfect time to go! By the time we came to go on Stealth, we had done most of the 'thrill' rides, so we'd gotten over our initial fear. Don't get me wrong, it's still crazy scary! We were so glad we did go - and James was actually left wanting to go again! This was the ride we decided to buy the picture that is taken of you on every ride! (It's the one at the top of the post!)

2) I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Okay, so technically not a ride, but something we really enjoyed from our day there! It's a maze based on the TV show, and one which left James in a bit of a mess! You are guided through the maze by actors (who are brilliantly funny by the way), you complete a series of tasks to get out at the other end! In the middle of the maze each person in there at the time (around 8) were put in there own confinement and had to answer a question correctly, or face punishment! Despite being pretty sure he put the right answer, James was splattered with sawdust (we think), and was left looking like he had half a tree on his head for the rest of the day! It was so difficult to get out! Jessica cheekily dodged the sawdust that fell from above and was the only person left unscaved by it!

3) The Swarm

The UK's first winged rollercoaster - yes you sit on either side of the track with nothing above nor below you but air! This was the third ride we went on that day, and the first one which James managed to keep his eyes open for the whole way through  - it's so much better that way! It was also the first ride which we remembered to take our phones out of our pockets - there were sunglasses on the netting above where we were queuing, obviously from them falling off where the ride tips upside down! And we weren't risking anything like that!

If you would like to see some videos from the day, check out our first weekly vlog here:

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