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So we thought as we are living together, and most probably eating like we have been only on weekends, but now every day of the week, that we should start exercising together. For a while we have talked about finding a near by gym, playing tennis, or just going on long walks by the time 16th May comes.

Not so long ago, Jessica's work colleague, Claudia, set up a fitness challenge with her friend called 'The GaCla Challenge' - which was obviously that incentive to make sure our plan of keeping fit prevailed! 

Full rules can be found on their website: https://thegaclafitnesschallenge.wordpress.com/

But basically, you must do 150 minutes of exercise per week, or face a forfeit - The forfeit changes every week, it is not only a 'punishment' but they are also aimed to help you in your progress - nothing too extreme we hope!

You are responsible for  logging your exercise into the 'Progress Tracker' - honesty is key here! You won't be doing yourself any favours by lying about what you've done! You can also see what other people have done in that week.

Week 1: May 2 - 8

So this week was supposed to be our first week of doing it, and well, James had already failed!

On Thursday we went for a late night run, Jessica did 20 mins, and James did a little extra with 30 mins... and that's as far as we got! Although we weren't sure if the family bowling we did counted, it was later confirmed that it does - so it wasn't the most rigorous exercise in the world, but we did that for a long time - so we're calling that another 90 minutes!

James probably walked to university at some point but he doesn't remember, so we'll say he didn't quite make it this week! Although, due to the first survey for the first month (we didn't do), there was no forfeit for this week, but no excuses from now on! To be fair, to have done it we would've needed to start earlier in the week - so that's what we shall do from now on!

Week 2: May 9 - 15

It's the second week and some rules have been changed! As mentioned previously, there was a survey feedback from the previous month, and the people have spoken, so long story short, you can only do 60 minutes maximum of each exercise. E.g. if you run 3 times in a week, 30 minutes each, the max limit you could enter would be 60 minutes of it. Seems fair to be honest, as the point of the challenge is to be diverse with your exercises (which to be honest, we haven't done yet)

Although, Jessica did attempt one of the home work out video, that was shared on Facebook by a fellow GaCla challenger, James did a session of running and we both did lots and lots (and lots) of walking during the weekend - we still didn't manage to fulfil the challenge of reaching 150 mintues and this week there is a forfeit!

Forfeit: You must not drink sugary drinks (i.e. pre-packed fruit juices, soft fizzy drinks) and try to reduce or eliminate the sugar from your tea or coffee OR 150 push-ups or 150 lunges to be added to your 150 weekly minutes.

James will be doing the 150 push-ups and Jessica will be doing the 150 lounges to be added to the following 150 weekly minutes (we're not doing very well, are we?)

Week 3: May 16 - 22

Yayyyy we finally both passed this week! With the rules now staying the same, we were only allowed to record 60 of what would've been many more minutes of walking! We walked in Sheffield from our final coffee outing back home on Monday, and also most of the day on Tuesday when we went to Thorpe Park! We would've passed this week from walking alone if it wasn't for the restrictions!

On Saturday we went swimming for the first time together! There's a sports centre just down the road from home so theres not excuse for us not to keep going and make this a regular thing! We're going to look into joining the gym there as well soon so we'll have plenty more options for different exercises soon. That should make it a lot easier for us to pass the weeks as to be honest, we're struggling to mix it up with what we can do from home and running outdoors.

We also managed to squeeze 15 minutes of jogging in on both Thursday and Sunday to make it up to 150 minutes of exercise for the week! And of course, we has to complete our forfeit for failing last week. Jessica did her lunges throughout the week, and James remembered on Sunday so had a tough task of doing his 150 push ups all in one day!

So no forfeit for us this week, but incase you were wondering...

Forfeit: You must only eat fruit as snacks (in between main meals) OR recover the minutes that you did not do last week, by adding them to this week's minutes.

Week 4: May 23 - 29

What an actual fail to our lives!
To be honest, I don't even want to type up this week - it's that shameful. Just, ugh. No words.

Here's our forfeit for this week *cries in shame*

Forfeit: Strictly follow your 5 a day fruit and veg recommendation OR you must do 30 minuets of additional exercise (still following the Rules) 

Overall, we did disgracefully at our first month of doing this. We won't make any excuses, but it's not as easy as you think, well, if you're pure fatties like us who just love to eat. We do plan on continuing the challenge as we do need to push ourselves to do more!

If you would like to join, head over to https://thegaclafitnesschallenge.wordpress.com/contact/ and give them a shout! Join our little community and get fit with us!!

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Do you have any favourite home work outs? Or some tips for beginners? Share them below!

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