Dinner @ Sheffield

Steak and potato nachos - with mozzarella cheese, salsa and sourced cream 

This weekend we have started watching 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit' on Netflix, so we resumed when we got home. It's a bit of a randomly crazy programme, but weirdly, I like it! It takes a lot for something to keep my interest for a long amount of time, so this must be decent! 

We went out to Tesco yet again to buy ingredients for dinner. We know that plans can easily change this weekend with it being the end of the uni year, so we're taking trips out to the shop for almost every meal.

This was on Tasty during the week, and we all know how we love nachos! So they're not nachos as such (where the Doritos at!?) but it was soooo good! Two of my favourite things, steak and cheese, together = happy James!  

We thought to go out to the Monk Bar which is just a couple of minutes away for a drink after dinner, but after all that shopping and walking today, we decided to leave it until tomorrow! We're now just enjoying a chilled night and throwing back with some old 90's and 2000's tunes! Mannnn the music was good then!  What happened?

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