Dinner @ Prithiraj - Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

Chicken pathia - £9.00, Punjabi chicken - £10.50, Mushroom rice - £3.50, Basmati rice - £2.50, Cheese and garlic naan bread - £3.00

Once home from our afternoon from Chatsworth, we faced the big task of packing all our remaining stuff ahead of the big move tomorrow!

I moved most things a couple of weeks ago, but as we have to be able to carry it all with us on the train tomorrow, doing it in the most sensible way possible isn't easy! I still have all my kitchen plates, pots and cutlery, some clothes and other random stuff that was in my room.

We headed out for dinner with most of it done, but there's still a tiny bit more to go - I think we'll be able to fit everything in. I so thought at some point I would have to make another trip here at some point to get the things that wouldn't be able to make it the first time! 

Poppadoms with a selection of dips - £5.30

So somehow we have never had Indian food together, and I've only ever properly had it once - and as there was a really nice Indian Cuisine along Ecclesall Road, we decided to go! 

I'm not exactly one for spicy food, and I was already sweating a little just from the poppadoms and dips haha! The curry was yummy and just about bearable in terms of spice! Themushroom rice was also great and the naan bread gave a nice break from the spice from everything else! 

The restaurant is pretty small and there was plenty of staff so service was great, and there were only a few other tables which gave a nice chilled atmosphere! 

We are now at home finishing up on season 1 of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit.' And once we've finished the last bit of packing, we'll get to bed ahead of a very busy day tomorrow!  

Food: ★★★★
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