Dinner @ Flat Iron - Soho, London

The Flat iron steak served with house leaf salad- £10.00
Dripping cooked chips - £2.50, Creamed spinach - £3.00, Sophie's salad - £3.50

So first of all, apologies for this post coming a day late! We have been mega busy and then mega tired last night to be doing the blogs straight away - and we have another busy day today too!

We made it to London with only a bit of struggle with the bags - there was a ridiculous amount of bags for two people on a train - I really wished I had my car! But we got an uber from my now old home to Sheffield station, and from St Pancras to my new home! So not too bad in the end but to be fair, tubes and buses were a no go with all the stuff! 

I spent a good couple of hours unpacking everything once we got home. I wanted everything sorted before we headed out as I knew I wouldn't be up for it when we came back late at night. So once that was all done it was around 8.30 and we were both so hungry! We hadn't eaten since around 1 - and we just don't do that kind of thing! 

Apple French bubbles - £8 - Jessica
Apple craft cider - £4.40 - James

We planned to come here a little while ago as we both love steak but for some reason have not had it too often together. This place is famous for its one meal - the flat iron steak - but there is the option of sides - which we got 3 of the 5 options of to share. It doesn't look too filling in the picture and you would be right to think that, but to be fair, it is only £10, which for a steak in Central London is probably the best you can get! 

The people next to us ordered another one but we decided an extra portion of chips and a short walk to somewhere to get dessert would do us nicely! 

The service was good and it was very busy - we originally had to wait 20mins for a table. It meant the atmosphere was really vibrant but we did feel it was a bit too loud in there. Not necessarily their fault that they're so popular! The Gregory Porter vinyl playing in the background was a nice touch though! 

Food: ★★★★
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