Dinner @ Chester

Jasmine rice with prawn, mushrooms and Pak Choi

We apologise for this being the only post from today. It's been a bit of a mismatch day in terms of food as we only had some scrambled eggs on toast this morning as a brunch, and since then all we've eaten is doughnuts! 

This morning my Auntie Debbie came to visit (who is actually quite a Food & Baker fan - so heyyyy Auntie Debbie haha!) She just wanted to see Jessica and I before we head off to live in London.

It was a day for the Aunties as after a bit of brunch we went out to Auntie Judith's to see her and my Nan and it was time for Jessica to visit another family member! Somehow, she had never met my Uncle Andy! 

Smoked mackerel pate on toast with salad 

After around an hour there, we took a trip to Cheshire Oaks shopping outlet as we originally planned to do yesterday (this is where the doughnuts came in). I bought two new pairs of jeans and Jessica a small make up bag from Ted Baker. Every time we are in Chester we seem to say that we'll come here and we never have, so we wanted to make sure of it this time, especially as we probably won't be back here for a little while. 

Once home we just packed a few last things before having dinner. Both were super tasty and the bowls used for the starter was a present from Jessicas Mum to my Mum for Christmas!

Mum then dropped us both to the train station. We got on the same train to Crewe, before going our separate ways to London and Sheffield. 

We must also apologise for this week's video not being on YouTube just yet - but it is coming! It got to 92% done earlier and then we decided to leave the house and use the personal hotspot on Jessicas phone to do the rest - but it refused to load anymore and again when we got back home! So my first job when getting back to Sheffield is to get it uploaded as soon as possible for you guys! It's something a little different and only quite short - but we hope you enjoy it! 

We will be back together again on Thursday and we have plenty planned before going down to London on the Monday, so keep checking back! Have a great few days everyone! 

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