Dinner @ Chester

Herbed cream cheese stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon, pesto tagliatelle and sundried tomatoes

Bowling went all really well this afternoon - other than the result haha!  I came a tantalising 1 point away from winning the first game and came joint last with Jessica in the second - such losers we were haha! And yes my Grandparents are 77 and 76, and we still managed to lose! 

As mentioned, we prepped this dinner earlier in the day by stuffing and wrapping the chicken, and obviously the pasta, side salads and garlic bread were done before serving. The oven was full from the chicken, so the garlic bread came out a little late, but it still all got eaten! 

Apple crumble pie, cherry pie, with vanilla custard

Everyone seemed to really enjoy it so that was a massive relief - although a couple of people couldn't finish as they were large portions to be fair! 

So we had a little break until dessert, and waited for everyone to build up a little appetite again! We bought 3 tubs of custard which all got used, and the desserts will be finished off tomorrow I'm sure! 

Of course we couldn't miss out on the chance of some advertising - we put our new Food & Baker cards on the table for everyone! 

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