Dinner @ Cafe Ceres - Junction Road, Sheffield

Pork chops in a mustard sauce - served with dauphonoise potatoes and roasted vegetables - £10.50 - Jessica

So here we are back in Sheffield! And considering the amount of time we normally spend here, it's been a while! And as I'll be starting my placement job soon, I have now left my job at Pizza Express, so we have the whole time until Monday to spend together, and in Sheffield where we (very probably) won't be for a long while!  

Pan-fried 6oz sirloin in a pepper sauce - served with dauphonoise potatoes and roasted vegetables - £12.50 - James

Today is the day which has felt like would never come! The day when my second year of uni ended as I had my one and only exam, and I've now got my placement, so life seems pretty settled and in place at last haha! 

I was really happy with how my exam went, and almost straight afterwards I picked up Jessica from the station and we had a couple of drinks and some nibbles with some friends from my seminar at the students union.

Minestrone soup - £3.95

We had originally planned to go out tonight, not really sure why it didn't happen, but there's nothing better than a chilled out Netflix night at home with Jessica - so I'm happy! 

Cappucino and mocha latte 

We need to fit in 6 coffee shops this weekend to complete our 21 coffee shop tour. And this is our first one - although it's not much of a coffee shop - it's a full on French Bistro and it was super cute!

It felt quintessentially French and as we hadn't had much of a lunch and time was cracking on (we got there about 7.30) we decided to have dinner there and finish off with the coffee which we had to get obviously! 

The food was great (especially the dauphonoise potatoes - it made the meal!) 

Food: ★★★★
Coffee: ★★★
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