Dessert @ Tinseltown - Great Portland Street, London

Soho cheesecake with ice cream - £4.99
Nutella and banana waffle with ice cream - £6.49
Life's a peach - £3.49

We headed straight here from Flat Iron as we needed something to completely fill us up! We could've had a chocolate mouse from Flat Iron but we didn't quite fancy it, and Jessica had her heart on cheesecake! So that is what we went to get! 

This place is far from luxury, and the customer service is a bit dodgy, but we knew this before we came. However the food isn't too bad at all! 

The walk here was quite hilarious as Jessica was a tad drunk from that fizz, but I still trusted her to lead the right way!

Tonight was absolutely great and was the best way to celebrate the big day of officially moving in together! It's been a long day and we are both shattered! But there's not much time to rest... we have alarms set for 7am ready for another big day tomorrow!  

Food: ★★★
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