Date Night: Rooftop Film Club - Roof East, Stratford

On Friday, we went on our first date night! Of course, we've been on 'dates' before, but due to the whole lifestyle change with living together, we wanted to make sure we still had a proper night, just the two of us without any distractions - yes that means phones go on flight mode! Phones are only used for picture taking purposes only.

We originally found this on Facebook and just simply fell in love with the idea - if the idea of sitting under the stars, watching a classic film with the one you love isn't good enough for date night, I don't know what is.

It didn't take us long to find a good film to watch, Friday night date set, a classic film that neither of us has seen - we were sold! DIRTY DANCING - don't judge us for not having seen it already, James we understand, but Jessica? Disappointing, I know.

After looking at the prices, it did seem a tab bit pricey, but if you think about it - regular cinema these days in London is about £10 or even more - so really, it's not that far off and you get so much more in experience.

We decided to join the membership (well as one), as the membership includes two complimentary tickets to a show of your choice, discount on future tickets, bottomless popcorn and more - only for £36. Considering the tickets are £15 each, we thought we could easily get our £6 more worth out of it and indeed we did.

As mentioned, the bottomless popcorn - if we were to purchase these, it would have already been £3 each, so already, we had gotten our monies worth. If you are interested in coming, I would highly recommend joining the membership, even if it is a one off.

As well as there being a rooftop cinema, there was also mini golf, a food stall and a drink stall - it just seemed like a pretty cool place to just chill, even if you was going to watch a film. We will hopefully be returning to come and explore it more.

When you reach the Box Office, they scan your tickets and they give you wireless headphones and a blanket, which was super cute - we did actually bring our own blanket thinking we wouldn't get one, but it was a nice touch. Within the rooftop film club, there was a free photo booth, sponsored by Nespresso - which of course we had to do, but surprisingly didn't go more than once.

Although, it was stated that the film would start at 8:45 pm - it didn't start until it was a little bit more dark enough, as of course, the picture wasn't as clear when it was a little bit brighter in the day.

Just before the film started, James got us both a cocktail each - which to be fair, in a place like that, we knew it would be overpriced for what it's worth. James got the Roof East - £7.50 and Jessica got the Pink Polova - £8.50. They came in quite small plastic cups and they did taste very bitter, but what can you do..  

Side note: Don't try to bring in your own snacks, or at least try to hid it a bit better in your bag, because they do search your bags before you get in and they will take it off you - and to clear things up, we didn't bring snacks on purpose to try sneak them in - I just didn't think anything by it when I put it in our bag in the first place haha

Although, we did manage to get the chocolate back before we left, which James managed to finish them before we even got on the train.

Although, it lightly started raining and it made the film pause twice for about 5 seconds each, it just made it more of an experience than a downfall to be honest.

The film was simply amazing and we still don't know how we'd never seen it before. If a romantic classic film is what you're looking for - Dirty Dancing is the way to go!

We did chose Stratford Roof East (located above Stratford centre, opposite the DLR train station exit), out of the 5 locations in London, which by the way, James has never been to Stratford before, so we will definitely be coming back to the area, to visit the extended family and explore the other Westfield.

Overall, we would highly suggest this experience. We did say this would probably be a one off thing, as we said we wanted Date Night to be something we wouldn't usually do or go to - but you never know, I do think it's worth coming back to (maybe just not the drinks).

So, if we've convinced you, sign up for the membership.
(No not sponsored, we just love sharing the experiences we enjoy)

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