Coffee @ Motore Cafe - Howard Street, Sheffield

This morning we woke up fairly early and went out to Tesco to buy the ingredients for this brunch. We saw it earlier in the week on the Food Bible and thought it would be great to have this weekend! I know I didn't exactly make a piece of artwork out of it, but it sure was yummy! 

Jessica has been strongly (very strongly) hinting for a few weeks now that we should go clothes shopping for her, but to be fair she is need of a few things so we set off to Meadowhall for the afternoon. I'm without my car this weekend as I won't be taking it to London so it has been left in Chester.  

Breakfast pie - including bacon, Cumberland sausage, hash browns and baked beans

Half way on our bus journey there we stopped to have coffee no.17 of our 21 best cups of coffee in Sheffield. It's somewhere a little different as it isn't a cafe or shop as such - just a man with a van I guess! But I had a feeling it would be great - and it really was! The coffee was strong and well presented, and the guy there was very friendly. We had a quick chat about the blog so if you're reading this mate - nice one! And we're coming back on Monday! 

Coffee: ★★★★★
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