Coffee @ Made by Jonty - Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield

This morning was about eating what was left over from yesterday's brunch to be honest - this was basically the contents of yesterday's breakfast pie! 

Grilling sausages always seems to cause a problem for people in this house - the fire alarm is a bit sensitive haha! So after probably waking up a couple of people, and providing some entertainment for those already awake, we managed to eat it in peace! It worked out in the end! 

The weather is absolutely beautiful today - so we're going to the cinema haha! We are, but we'll take a walk out to today's coffee shop, and maybe around the nearby park! We will be making (nearly) the most of it! 

So after getting ready etc, we did indeed take the short walk to Made by Jonty for coffee. The place was small and cute, but unfortunately Jessica didn't enjoy her chai latte as much as some others she's had recently. She's fallen in love but this was far too milky for her. To be fair, it may have been personal preference, but it didn't give the punch of flavours as some others. 

Before jumping in an ├╝ber to lunch, we had a quick look around EveKitchens doughnuts and the Inherited home and living store. We've never been down this road before but there's a fair few cute places around, and we wish we would've discovered it earlier! 

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