Dinner @ Meat Liquor, Oxford Circus - London

Green chilli cheeseburger - beef patty, cheese, spicy chilli butter, red onions, pickles, lettuce, French mustard, ketchup - Jessica - £8.75

Buffalo chicken burger - dirty chicken burger covered in house made hot pepper sauce, lettuce, red onions, blue cheese sauce - £8.75 - James

Buffalo wings - chicken wings covered in house made buffalo hot pepper sauce, served with a blue cheese dip - £7.50

Hippie fries - fries, grilled onions, hippie sauce - £5.50

Onion rings - big and fluffy - £3.50

Deep fried mac n cheese - deep fried cubes of Mac n cheese served with marinara sauce on the side - £5.50

Today's dinner outing was kind of a celebration! It was my, James' first day at work today on my placement year from university. Jessica kindly made it her treat! 

I finished at 5.30 and took the short tube ride from Old Street to Oxford Circus , and met Jessica there. We have come here once before and it was great, and with it being 50% of Tuesday's, we took this chance to return! This place has a vibrant atmosphere to say the least, it may be a bit loud for some, but we enjoy it! 

We weren't the only ones to think this, there was a short queue outside to get in, and then another wait for your name to be called once we were inside. Maybe all in all a 45 minute wait to be sat. We were served quickly but there was again a bit of a wait for the food to arrive... but it was well worth the wait! 

Opting for a burger each and 4 sides to share, it was always a big task, and no surprise in saying we were soooo full afterwards! We almost finished everything! The food was delicious! 

Food: ★★★★

Tips & Tricks: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

(We do not own this photo, will be updated tonight - best picture to ever be taken to follow)

Ever since I, James came into Jessica's life, the one major change I'd say I've made is the shift in cup of tea standard! Now I don't mean to show off, but I know how to make a proper brew! So here how is to make the perfect cup of tea (according to Food & Baker at least)...

1) There is only one necessity in this whole process and that is a Gold M&S teabag - I will accept Yorkshire Tea, but in my experience, M&S is the best! So step number one is to get yourself down to the nearest store and buy 160 of these bad boys! Yes 160, the 80 box just won't last!

2) Once back home, whack the kettle on! Don't think you're smart and start preparing yourself by inserting tea bag and sugar into a cup or mug - you're missing out an important step! Once the kettle has boiled fill your mug and swirl the water around for about 30 seconds so the cup is piping hot and it's condensation galore on the inside!

3) Once this water has been emptied, you can now put your M&S teabag and 1 teaspoon of sugar (brand is personal preference here) in to your nicely condensated cup (is condensated a word haha!)

4) Coloured water will not do, and neither will a cold, overly brewed mess - so keep that teabag in for 4-5 minutes. Patience is key - and it's well worth the wait! Every minute or so give it a stir and a light squeeze - but please whatever you do, do not split the tea bag! This would be game over!

5) Before responsibly recycling the teabag give it a final stir and then put a drop or two of milk in until its a beautiful golden colour! Step number 2 will ensure that the tea is still hot hot hot!

6) Don't you dare start dipping biscuits in the tea! Don't even get me started on this!

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How do you take your tea? Milk and 1 sugar like us?


Lunch @ Dirty Bones, Carnaby - London

Jessica & Charlyn - Chicken & Waffles - 1/2 pile of crispy fried chicken with freshly baked waffles & a shot of maple syrup, topped with a fried egg - £10

It's Bank Holiday Monday and there is no better way to start with a lazy start like we all deserve! Maybe a little bit too lazy.

Today we decided to drag Jessica's sister out of bed and join us for some lunch, or some may call it Brunch (since we didn't eat breakfast) but it is 2pm

Originally we wanted to go somewhere else, but it was closing as their lunch period was over.

Skinny fried with onion & garlic salt - £4 each

So, as James and I discovered where Dirty Bones was from the last time we came to central, we thought that this was a great alternative, as none of us had been here before.

We've seen many an Instagram picture of the food and everyone speaks very highly of it - it was definitely on our bucket list to go to. 

Surprisingly, it wasn't as busy as we've seen it, but we're guessing it's more popular for an evening type dinner. Although it wasn't that busy, we felt the service was slow.

James - Steak & Eggs - dry aged steak chargrilled & served with two free ranged fried eggs & dirty bones smoked tomato ketchup - £14

Although there are many places that serve chicken and waffles, again, none of us has had if before, so this was the moment, we were intrigued. James went for the steak and eggs (we all know now it's his favourite).

Oh how wrong it sounds to have chicken and waffles, let alone a shot of maple syrup all over it - but boy it just tastes so right - no wonder why it's such a thing in America and how late we feel about knowing about this!

Food: ★★★★


Date Night: BUSTED Concert

Friday night is date night! And this night is one I've been waiting for for 12 long years! And Jessica has been waiting for a few months since we bought the tickets haha!

Busted were my, James' favourite childhood band, so when they broke up, my 8 year old self was left devestated! But now they are back! And I can't not go and take Jessica along to see what I keep going on about! 

We headed to The 02 at 6 straight from Jessica finishing work and got some food from GBK (see separate post), and we were in the arena for the second support band, Wheatus. By no means an up and coming band, and with a few hits in their locker we were able to warm up our voices for Busted, of course ending with 'Teenage Dirtbag.'

Busted kicked off their set with 'Coming Home,' their new song, and included a couple of others to be included in their soon to be released new album. But otherwise it was all about the old, well known songs that had ourselves and the rest of the crowd bouncing for the whole night! 

It wasn't your typical date night, but it was certainly one to remember! Check out some of the footage we managed to record in our Bank Holiday Vlog which will be up on YouTube on Tuesday!




Dinner @ Gourmet Burger Kitchen - O2 Arena, North Greenwich

James - Camembert & Cranberry - Camembert, cranberry sauce, house Mayo, relish and salad - £9.75 with sweet potato fries with baconasie - £3.75

It's Friday and it's Date Night! Today is the big day, it's time for the Busted concert we've been waiting for! Also, not to mention, it's the first time in a week we've been out to a restaurant to eat (that must be a record for us)

James is a massive fan of Busted and going to gigs and concerts in general, although Jessica isn't crazy about them (but does know most of their songs) it's always nice to do and experience what your other half loves.

Before all the singing and losing our voices, we must eat!

Jessica - Major Tom - 30 day dry aged patty, blue cheese slaw, crispy bacon, Red Leicester cheese, beef ketchup and dill pickle - £10.95 with sweet potato fries with baconasie - £3.75

Jessica had only ever been here once about 3 years ago, so let's say it doesn't count and James had never been here before ever. We've been craving burgers for a while, so this was the place to be at.

The burgers did not disappoint and our craving is finally fulfilled! We should all know by now the love we have forsweet potato fries and that baconasie sauce was just perfect with it. Who doesn't like bacon!? Ugh yum!

We are full and ready to sing it hearts out!

Look out for our Date Night post on Sunday at 3PM and read about the concert and the overall night!

Food: ★★★★


5 Places to Have Brunch in Sheffield

Here are our top 5 places to have brunch in Sheffield, this ranking is purely based on the food, but as you can see, there are several with the same rating - therefore, these are then ranked in order by atmosphere.

You can click the titles to direct your to our original post, to find out more on what we thought about the place and the other category ratings. 

1. Homemade by Thelma's

"...felt it was homely, as if we were eating in someone's kitchen..."


Address: 4 Nether Edge Rd

Sheffield S7 1RU

Instagram: @homemadebythelmas

Twitter: @homemadethelmas


2. Steam Yard

"...and it's easy to see why this place has become quite famous."


Address: 1, Aberdeen Court, 

95-101 Division St, Sheffield S1 4GE

Instagram/Twitter: @steamyard

3. Marmadukes

"...food was absolutely delicious - so much so we went back for seconds..."


Address: 22 Norfolk Row

Sheffield S1 2PA

Instagram/Twitter: @marmadukescafe

4. The Rude Shipyard

"The whole place is covered in books and visually pretty to look at."


Address: 89 Abbeydale Rd

Sheffield S7 1FE

Instagram/Twitter: @therudeshipyard

5. Bragazzi's

"...filled with typically Italian artwork on the walls which gives the cafe it's character and identity."


Address: 224-226 Abbeydale Rd

Sheffield S7 1FL

Instagram: @bragazzis

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Do you agree? Or do you think we missed any out? Comment below what was your favourite!

How To: DIY "Freak" Milkshakes

So I'm sure you've all heard of the new trend of "freak" milkshakes, they've been all over Instagram I'm sure.  Although, we never knew them as this freak milkshake, we first saw these in Lucky Fox in Sheffield, then we found a place in London and pretty much all around the world.

So as the foodies that we are, we wanted to take on the challenge and make our own. If this caught first attempt of this delicious masterpiece got your attention, then watch this space, this is only the beginning - we're planning to experiment with flavours and designs - bigger and better!! 

Some may say it's not healthy for you, some may say you'll just get fat and die - but heck, at least we died happy! Am I right? So if you want to know how we made this, keep reading ;)

Side note: this is so money friendly, considering if you went somewhere to buy this milkshake, let's say it cost you about £7, we spent around £10 for these ingredients and managed to make 3 (and enough to make at least 2 more) and it's fun, to create and design your own. Also, we have an alternative if you don't have a blender! 


Vanilla ice cream
Whole milk
Raspberry doughnuts
Brownie pieces
Shortbread biscuits


*Please note: this is how we made the milkshake above, there is no particular way to make these, you go as crazy as your imagination can take you.*

In Jar: We attempted to add sliced strawberries around the sides on the jar for decoration, (but the milkshake over flowed it) along with melted nutella dripped down from the top of the jar (chocolate sauce would be better consistency, but there was none in Tesco at the time)  

Milkshake: We decided to go for the standard vanilla milkshake to start with, as as you can see, there was plenty more to make up for it. So, no blender - not so interesting story, we thought we had two blenders to looking for none. So here is our alternative, simply get another jar (one like you are using) with a lid, put 4 scoops (depending on the size of your jar) and fill over half way of whole milk and just simply, shake it up, shake it up. Want to add fruit flavour I hear you ask? Well with berries, I would suggest to mash them up and add them to your mix and shake! 

On Top: We placed on top of the filled jar a full raspberry doughnut, drizzled in melted nutella and to use as a glue to hold the brownie piece on the side, along with a shortbread biscuit in the middle with a fancy straw of your choice.

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What's your favourite flavour milkshake? We'd love to see how you would make yours! Tag us!

How To: Meatballs & Mozzarella Rolls

We feel like it's been a while since we've posted a proper food post, so here it is!

Tonight we've felt like an American diner kind of night, with a twist. Let's just say it's not your typical hot dog meal that it seems. This idea was based on the milkshakes we'll be making (next post).

We've made meatballs and mozzarella rolls, I know they may not seem like the most prettiest things we've made but we do actually believe that the pictures don't do them justice! 

They are so so so easy to make with just 4 ingredients and super tasty. Ingredients and instructions can be found at the bottom of this post. 

Story time:

James went to Tesco with one job, to buy the ingredients. Apparently, there was no meatballs, so he took the initiative to buy minced meat and we'd just make the meatballs ourselves, which we did, simply by mixing together with mixed herbs and salt and pepper to taste and rolled into balls.

Turns out that there were meatballs in the freezer but ahh well, they'll get used in the end! 

Once we started cooking, had to send James back to Tesco because we felt like  the amount of cheese was not enough... Again, it was most defiantly enough, but one cannot have too much cheese ;)

With this dish you could pretty much serve any sides with it - a side salad if that's what you're into or go fill out diner like us - skinny fries and some coleslaw (there was even a side of corn on the cobs slathered in butter)

We intended to have a "light" meal, due to the heavy milkshake we plan on having, but that wasn't going to happen, not with us anyway. 


  • White Hot Dog Rolls
  • Meatballs
  • Pasta Sauce 
  • Mozzarella Cheese


  1. Pre heat oven to 200 degrees and prepare your baking tray with baking paper of baking spray. 
  2. Place your cooked meatballs in a large pot and cover with your pasta sauce. Gently fold the meatballs with the sauce, Heat the meatballs and sauce on low-medium, stirring occasionally, until the meatballs are heated thoroughly.
  3. Fill a roll with as many meatballs as you can fit and top with more pasta sauce.
  4. Place filled rolls closely on baking sheet and cover with mozzarella cheese.
  5. Bake until cheese is melted. 


Date Night: Rooftop Film Club - Roof East, Stratford

On Friday, we went on our first date night! Of course, we've been on 'dates' before, but due to the whole lifestyle change with living together, we wanted to make sure we still had a proper night, just the two of us without any distractions - yes that means phones go on flight mode! Phones are only used for picture taking purposes only.

We originally found this on Facebook and just simply fell in love with the idea - if the idea of sitting under the stars, watching a classic film with the one you love isn't good enough for date night, I don't know what is.

It didn't take us long to find a good film to watch, Friday night date set, a classic film that neither of us has seen - we were sold! DIRTY DANCING - don't judge us for not having seen it already, James we understand, but Jessica? Disappointing, I know.

After looking at the prices, it did seem a tab bit pricey, but if you think about it - regular cinema these days in London is about £10 or even more - so really, it's not that far off and you get so much more in experience.

We decided to join the membership (well as one), as the membership includes two complimentary tickets to a show of your choice, discount on future tickets, bottomless popcorn and more - only for £36. Considering the tickets are £15 each, we thought we could easily get our £6 more worth out of it and indeed we did.

As mentioned, the bottomless popcorn - if we were to purchase these, it would have already been £3 each, so already, we had gotten our monies worth. If you are interested in coming, I would highly recommend joining the membership, even if it is a one off.

As well as there being a rooftop cinema, there was also mini golf, a food stall and a drink stall - it just seemed like a pretty cool place to just chill, even if you was going to watch a film. We will hopefully be returning to come and explore it more.

When you reach the Box Office, they scan your tickets and they give you wireless headphones and a blanket, which was super cute - we did actually bring our own blanket thinking we wouldn't get one, but it was a nice touch. Within the rooftop film club, there was a free photo booth, sponsored by Nespresso - which of course we had to do, but surprisingly didn't go more than once.

Although, it was stated that the film would start at 8:45 pm - it didn't start until it was a little bit more dark enough, as of course, the picture wasn't as clear when it was a little bit brighter in the day.

Just before the film started, James got us both a cocktail each - which to be fair, in a place like that, we knew it would be overpriced for what it's worth. James got the Roof East - £7.50 and Jessica got the Pink Polova - £8.50. They came in quite small plastic cups and they did taste very bitter, but what can you do..  

Side note: Don't try to bring in your own snacks, or at least try to hid it a bit better in your bag, because they do search your bags before you get in and they will take it off you - and to clear things up, we didn't bring snacks on purpose to try sneak them in - I just didn't think anything by it when I put it in our bag in the first place haha

Although, we did manage to get the chocolate back before we left, which James managed to finish them before we even got on the train.

Although, it lightly started raining and it made the film pause twice for about 5 seconds each, it just made it more of an experience than a downfall to be honest.

The film was simply amazing and we still don't know how we'd never seen it before. If a romantic classic film is what you're looking for - Dirty Dancing is the way to go!

We did chose Stratford Roof East (located above Stratford centre, opposite the DLR train station exit), out of the 5 locations in London, which by the way, James has never been to Stratford before, so we will definitely be coming back to the area, to visit the extended family and explore the other Westfield.

Overall, we would highly suggest this experience. We did say this would probably be a one off thing, as we said we wanted Date Night to be something we wouldn't usually do or go to - but you never know, I do think it's worth coming back to (maybe just not the drinks).

So, if we've convinced you, sign up for the membership.
(No not sponsored, we just love sharing the experiences we enjoy)



Lifestyle: We Got a Goldfish!

So a little while ago we were talking about how I, James is a cat person and Jessica is a dog person, and how we agreed to not have either when we're older and living together. Some joke started about all we'd be able to get a goldfish, and well, here we are! 

We took the walk to Kilburn pet shop, Jamunji, to get this little fella, GOLD GOLD!!

Yes we have named our goldfish after a Spandau Ballet classic, so unless you want us to sing to you, I suggest you don't ask us in person what the name of our fish is! 

However, we nearly didn't get him today! When we got to the pet shop, we were told that we would first have to buy a bigger tank than we already have, some chemical thingy thingy and a filter, and then come back in 3 days! That person then asked her colleague who told us that we would only have to wait one day, who then changed his mind and told us today would be okay! 

We were gutted to begin with, but we got our way in the end! All we needed to go was buy a chemical that could go in straight away and an oxygen tablet. So once we had filled the bowl up with water, we left the bag that Gold Gold was in, in the bowl for half an hour and then set him free! 

Such responsibility haha! We now know what being a parent feels like - in constant fear that our dependent will die! This is going to be fun! 



Afternoon Tea @ Fortnum and Mason - Piccadilly, London

Finger sandwiches - coronation chicken, Fortnums smoked salmon, cucumber with mint and cream cheese, honey roast ham with grain mustard, egg mayonnaise and and English cress 

Fortnums savoury scones - cheddar cheese scone with caramelised onion, Portland crab scone with Granny Smith Apple 

Afternoon tea savouries - lobster and egg mayonnaise, wild mushroom puff with truffle, English asparagus and Parma ham, savoury choux with smoked salmon tartare, quail egg, pea panna cotta and cheese straw

Yes I know what you're thinking - afternoon tea again?! And yes, we are a bit of a sucker for it now! But to be fair, this one was booked a long time ago as we knew we wanted to celebrate moving in together in style, and there is no better style than Fortnum and Mason! After our treat from my Grandma to have breakfast here not so long ago, we had to come back for their famous tea!

Located on the 4th floor of the main Fortnum and Mason store is the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, where we were immediately greeted by the manager in a back drop of a classical piano played by a suited and booted gent - pure class! 

We were seated by our waiter and the salon was fairly quiet when we arrived at 2.45, but it got grauduly busier to make the perfect atmosphere of quiet chatter and the live music in the background. 

The menu presented us with a fair amount of different afternoon teas to choose from - we opted for the savoury option as we were looking for something slightly different our trip to Chatsworth House at the weekend. Although we still had a sweet cake as dessert. We also had a choice of their famous blend teas to choose from - I chose a floral 'Fortmason' tea, and Jessica chose a strawberry flavoured black tea - both lovely and regularly topped up by the waiter. 

It may look in the picture that we wouldn't be filled by it, but you would be wrong to think that! It's deceivingly a lot of food, especially when we were offered another round of sandwiches, which of course we said yes to! By the time those were eaten, we were ready for our slice of cake which we got to go up to the stand where our waiter explained each option to us. 

This was a meal we'll certainly remember - the food, service and atmosphere was of impeccable quality and all in all was the perfect way to commemorate our relationship milestone.

I am hugely grateful to Jessica for making this her treat, and for everything else which has ensured this process to be smooth and a successful one! 

Food: ★★★★★


5 Best Cups of Coffee in Sheffield

So as I'm sure you know, we have just completed our Independent Sheffield tour of the 21 best cups of coffee in Sheffield. We have whittled it down to our favourite 5, and here they are...

1. Steam Yard, Division Street

One simple idea - a place to come to have coffee and doughnuts with your mates, and it has made what in our opinion is the best place to have coffee in Sheffield! Located in the City Centre and just around the corner from Devonshire Green, it is a haven for conventional doughnuts and other fancies, along with some of their own inventions such as the 'Hot S'more' doughnut and the 'Mestizo' - which are seriously to die for! Although they sell extremely fast, so be sure to get there early to avoid disappointment (we learnt this the hard way!) The coffee is beautifully presented, and all in all, makes for a great Instagram post! 

Instagram/Twitter: @steamyard
www. steamyard.co.uk

Address: Aberdeen Court,
95-101 Division Street,
Sheffield, S1 4GE

2. Amici & Bici, Abbeydale Road

This cafe is a true representation of their name - 'Friends and Bikes' has their image built on a perfect pit-stop for cyclists, or in fact anyone else! The coffee has always stood out amongst the many others we have visited in Sheffield, and was complimented by the great Full English Breakfast we had to go alongside. It has tough competition being located literally right next to Bragazzi's and Forge Bakehouse, but it has won this battle as unfortunately those two didn't quite make it into the best 5!

Instagram/Twitter: @amiciandbicicafe

Address: 220 Abbeydale Road,
Sheffield, S7 1FL

3. La Coppola, Oakbrook Road

And we're so glad we saved one of the best until last! This place is small and full of Italian character, optimised by the owner with his friendly and personal approach which made this trip a memorable one! It isn't in the most obvious location as I doubt we would've ever have been down this road if we weren't planning on coming here - but we're just glad we did! Jessica has found her love for Chai Latte and this is her favourite out the lot, and the handmade panini's we had there were seriously tasty! So if you're around this part of Sheffield, extend that Endcliffe Park walk a little and carry on forward to Oakbrook Road - you won't be disappointed! 

Instagram/Twitter: @lacoppladeli

Address: 137 Oakbrook Road,
Sheffield, S11 7EB

4. Tamper Coffee, Sellers Wheel

Tamper is the perfect place to sit in or takeaway your coffee, with either a delicious snack or if your sitting in, some fat chips (a personal recommendation - they're simply amazing!) But to be fair, everything about this place is great - coffee, food, atmosphere, character - its got it all! We have visited twice the Sellers Wheel branch but are yet to visit Westfield Terrace - so that is firmly on the list as soon as we are back in Sheffield!

Instagram/Twitter: @tampercoffeesw
www. tampercoffee.co.uk

Address: 149 Arundel Street,
Sheffield, S1 2NU

5. Homemade by Thelma's, Nether Edge Road

And finally, but would definitely not be finally if I was writing about food (in a good way, its outstanding), is this cute little cafe which again, represents its name very well! The character is all about it giving an impression you are in someones home which is detailed with cushions saying 'Happiness is Homemade,' which by the way we have since seen in Sainsbury's - and yes we bought it! The food is sublime and the coffee is great too! Again, probably a part of Sheffield we wouldn't have been to if it wasn't for coming here and Cafe #9 which is just across the road!

Instagram/Twitter: @homemadebythelmas

Address: 4 Nether Edge Road,
Sheffield, S7 1RU



Dessert @ Tinseltown - Great Portland Street, London

Soho cheesecake with ice cream - £4.99
Nutella and banana waffle with ice cream - £6.49
Life's a peach - £3.49

We headed straight here from Flat Iron as we needed something to completely fill us up! We could've had a chocolate mouse from Flat Iron but we didn't quite fancy it, and Jessica had her heart on cheesecake! So that is what we went to get! 

This place is far from luxury, and the customer service is a bit dodgy, but we knew this before we came. However the food isn't too bad at all! 

The walk here was quite hilarious as Jessica was a tad drunk from that fizz, but I still trusted her to lead the right way!

Tonight was absolutely great and was the best way to celebrate the big day of officially moving in together! It's been a long day and we are both shattered! But there's not much time to rest... we have alarms set for 7am ready for another big day tomorrow!  

Food: ★★★
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