Dinner @ Sheffield

Salmon and potato bake 

Once home from the ice cream farm, we lazed around watching Pointless Blog videos to be honest, and I had to fit in a little bit of uni work. 

This dinner was relatively quick to make (compared to lunch anyway), and we had it about an hour before Jessica's train, which was at 8.30. 

Bakewell tart - Jessica - £2.10
Mint choc chip and toffee, with fudge pieces - James - £2.95

This afternoon we ventured out to Our Cow Molly Ice Cream Farm, which was super good! We obviously got ice cream and also a big carton of milk, which came fresh from the cows today! 

There wasn't as much there as we thought there would be, but there were new born calves which we're really cute! And also a little aggressive as one tried to head butt Jessica's camera haha! 

The ice cream and milk is stocked in shops around the city, so maybe we'll get some to have at home soon!

It's been another great weekend, and although we don't have a video for you this weekend, check out our other posts and previous videos of you haven't seen (or if you like us that much and want to watch some again!)

Have a lovely week guys! 

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