Dinner @ Red's True BBQ - Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

James - Sticky Chicken - 1/2 an oak-smoked chicken, with Unholy BBQ sauce - £12.95

From the last coffee shop, we headed straight home for a nap - I developed such a headache while we were out. 

Last night, we tired booking for a table but it seems that they were all booked up, luckily James came into Red's earlier today to ask, and if they did to book a table, as you all know I go home on Sunday evenings, fortunately they had space but for 5:30, so we took it and we're very glad we did!

James - Brewdog Punk IPA - £4.75
Jessica - Honey Berry Smash - £6.95

This place had recently opened up in Sheffield - we have seen the London and Leeds branch, but had never went in, so given the chance here, of course we had to try it out. 

Such amazing customer service from our waitress Louise, she was always on point and came at the right times and reassured us with timings and asked if everything was okay. 

The food reached its expectations - although you would look at it and be like that wouldn't be enough to fill me (my eyes are bigger than my stomach tbh) but woah, it definitely filled me, but to a good point, nearly dying but okay to still have dessert hahaha

Jessica - 1/2 Rack of Red's Baby Back Ribs - £9.50

Also, shout out to Luke, who booked us in and welcomed us to our table, explained the board and everything. Can you tell we appreciate great customer service? It's really hard to come by these days and especially with recent events, it's nice to have that true welcome. 

Kentucky Trifle - Cream Soda & bourbon-soaked sponge, malted whip pudding, pretzels, popping candy and marshmallows - £4.95

It has been a lovely weekend, but this is sadly the start of the longest gap we would have this year - I won't be in Sheffield next weekend, nor will James be in London - but don't you worry, there is a very good explination and all a part of a big plan, which will all be revealed in less than two weeks!

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Food: ★★★★

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