Dinner @ Lutong Pinoy, Earls Court, London

Kamayan - Lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly), daing na Bangus (marinated white milkfish), tocino (marinated sweet Filipino pork), Filipino pork BBQ (barbecue pork on scewers), seasonal vegetables, lumpia (spring rolls), rice, sinigang (soup), ensalada salad - £15.99 per person

As previously mentioned, it wasn't too long before we were out again to first drop Khyla home, and then meet friends Rochelle and Joseph at Earls Court to eat at this Filipino restaurant. I've heard a lot about this place, mainly that you eat with your hands and all the food comes on one massive board - so it was definitely a new experience for me! 

Although I've had many Filipino dishes at home, this was surprisingly our first time eating Filipino food out! Although at first you may think some of the food is strange - it's really not that different to what I think is normal. And I'm all for embracing the cultural differences - hence my struggle with chop sticks and to be fair, I even think using a spoon and fork is weird! So just using hands - why not? 

To have the Kamayan which we had, you must book in advance and there be at least 4 people eating. When you book, you choose 4 things out of 10, which comes with the vegetables and rice. 

Torun special - £5.50

I really enjoyed the food and liked everything (other than the soup), which even surprised me - I was expecting at least one or two things to take me by surprise, but no, it was all good stuff! 

We are now heading home absolutely stuffed, and we'll probably just chill and watch some TV. I'm pretty tired after looking after the kids earlier, and my train back to Sheff is at 10 tomorrow morning, so I'll need a nice sleep! 

It has been great being in London for a longer amount of time and mixing things up with the type of foods we've had this weekend! We shall be back in Sheffield next weekend, but in the meantime, do watch this weekend's video which is now live on YouTube! 

Food: ★★
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