Coffee @ Upshot Espresso - Glossop Road, Sheffield

James - Cuppacino - £2.60
Jessica - Matcha Latte - £3.00

Since we had breakfast at home, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and come out for coffee to continue the 21 best cups of coffee in Sheffield (you guys must seriously be tired to reading that) but anyway, we tried to come last week, but we didn't realise they are closed on Sunday's.

As soon as we walked it, James was impressed with their welcome, so upbeat - already such good vibes. 

There were books by the window that were for sale, one which caught my eye, beat independent coffees on the north, which I bought we should buy - maybe we will at some point.

Looking over at the other tables, their food so good, well presented just as I like and they even had matcha pancakes, which I defo would love to try. We agreed we would come back soon for the food (I only we didn't eat at home)

Unfortunately, we did think that the coffee was way too cold, it wasn't even like warm, it may be our fault, as we should start stating to have it more hotter - usually I never realise how cold my coffee is until I'm half way, because I always think it's just the froth at the top, so I didn't want to return it after drinking half of it.

Nevertheless, it did taste great and we would come back for the food!

Coffee: ★★
Customer service: ★★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★

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