Coffee @ Oakbrook Coffee House - Oakbrook Road, Sheffield

James - Iced Latte - Ice cream, shot of espresso and a bottle of milk - £3.00
Jessica - Iced Mocha - Ice cream, shot of espresso and a bottle of milk - £3.00

After brunch, we headed into "town" hoping that I would get my Steam Yard doughnut, but as usual, they were sold out! Ugh they are just THAT good! Oh blah. 

Then we just walked around some shops and bought some essentials from boots, and other window/inspiration shopping. 

So here we are, at another coffee shop like we said we would be - coffee number 15! Weyy nearly there - although we know that there is another on the list that was literally two doors down, but I think this is enough coffee for today. 

I'm sure you would have noticed by now that James mostly gets a latte and I, mostly get a mocha - so just to change it up a bit, we went for Iced.. which came as a nice surprise - as you can see from the picture above, we was not expecting it to come like that, although it did give it a nice change to our usual routine.

The place was very relaxed and comfortable, like somewhere you would take your grandma out for tea (oh and we also found out they do afternoon tea there) - exactly the type of feel we was hoping for, with James being all stressed trying to find a parking space, causing me to have a headache haha

So dinner will be early tonight as it was the only booking time we could get - really excited for it actually, so look out for that later!

Coffee: ★★★★
Customer service: ★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★

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