Coffee @ Cafe #9 - Nether Edge Road, Sheffield

Mocha - £2.80, Chocolate brownie - £2, Cinnamon rolls - £1.50

So I know it was our original plan to go to Upshot Espresso for our afternoon coffee today as it was the closest home, but as it was closed, we changed plan and came here. Since we only have a few weeks left in Sheffield, and we have 9 coffee shops left to visit, we needed to fit one in today! We knew exactly where it was as it was opposite Homemade by Thelma's. 

This place gave off a very local feel, as the owner was very relaxed and friendly, there were local adverts against the till area, and it had a slightly less than unpolished feel. But this isn't a bad thing, it gives the place the identity it is clearly aiming for, and it was more or less full the whole time we were there, so it's clearly working!

We are now off to 'Our Cow Molly Ice Cream Farm.' The ice cream is apparently amazing so we have high hopes! 

Coffee: ★★★

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