Brunch @ Marmadukes - Norfolk Row, Sheffield

Marmadukes Full English - sweet chilli sausage, dry cured bacon, fried egg, thyme roasted tomato, field mushroom, homemade beans, toasted deli rye (Jessica's with added avocado +£2.50) - £9

Last night was full of little surprises! As I was meant to be finishing work afterJessica's arrival, she was preparing herself for a taxi ride alone instead of her ride home from her usual driver, me! But I finished early, didn't tell her and was there on the platform waiting for her (but we did still have to get a taxi haha)

She surprised me with a cookies and cream cupcake from Lola's, I surprised her with flowers and chocolates when we got home, and finally Jessica kindly had bought me a budget planner which I saw last week in Paperchase! Very romantic we are this weekend!

Macchiato - £2.40 - James
Latte - £2.80 - Jessica

Today we were up fairly early as we don't want to waste the day! It's being cut short as I have work again later on, and we have food shopping to do and a video to record this afternoon. So we thought it would be best to get up! 

Scotch pancakes - vanilla berry compote,  oat streusel with mascarpone - £7.50

We headed here as its is again an Indepedent Sheffield coffee shop, and after walking past it so many times since being in Sheffield for nearly two years, it was finally time to go in! Turns out we should've done this a long time ago as the food was absolutely delicious - so much so we went back for seconds and shared the pancakes. The place is small, cute, and it's got that independent feel that we love! We may say that a lot about places we visit, but it never gets old! 

We're off now into town for a bit of a make up shop - well Jessica is, I'll just watch haha! And then we'll get on with our food shop and video when we get home. 

Food: ★★★★

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