Afternoon Tea @ Copthorne Tara Kensington Hotel, London

This afternoon tea was Jessica's treat - yayyyyyy a date haha! She bought it from Groupon which was a bargain £22 for the two of us! 

The hotel was just a few minutes walk from the bus stop where we got off at, and although we were slightly early, we headed straight in.

We were warmly welcomed and sat straight away, but only afterwards did we realise that we weren't offered tea right away like everyone else, and we weren't asked if we had any allergies. 

Jessica has been a very thirsty person today, so we asked for water, and again 5 minutes after, and again 5 minutes after that - still no water! And also once once the tea did arrive, there was no milk. Really? Simple stuff, and we were already a bit annoyed before the food had arrived. Although the food was a 40 minute wait, and we noticed a couple of other tables had complained in this time - one of which left the restaurant after their food had arrived - they really weren't happy! 

The food was okay, but nothing special compared to our previous afternoon teas in Chester and another hotel in London. The sandwiches had very little filling, and we were missing some cakes from the bottom layer. We didn't notice initially, only when we saw the table next to us who ordered the same thing did we realise. But we did complain and the lady came back quickly with the extra cakes. 

The food itself wasn't so bad, but unfortunately the service was appalling. The Groupon deal was good but we wouldn't recommend it. 

We are now heading home to chill for a while and we may venture out again later as the weather isn't so great anymore. 

Food: ★★
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