Lunch @ Lucky Fox - Division Street, Sheffield

Hippie banjo - thick sliced sourdough toast with poached egg, avocado, tomato, watercress and bacon - £6.00 - Jessica

We woke up at 9.30 in order to prep our dinner as we are making it in the slow cooker. It takes 8 hours to cook so it should be ready at 7pm. As we will be out all afternoon, it was a good day to be using the slow cooker and have a good meal before Jessica's train, which is at 8.10 tonight.

Breakfast fries - housecut fries served with our homemade smoked tomato ketchup and two free range fried eggs - £5.00

We are here because of the milkshake really! Although we were genuinely devastated to find that they didn't have any doughnuts left to go with them! But they did charge us a lesser price of £5, compared to the normal £6.50. It was still delicious! 

I came across it on Instagram in the week and it looked amaaaazing! This was obviously where we were meant to come yesterday but ran out of time, but was definitely worth the wait as we now got to eat here as well! 

The Fat Elvis - double dipped fried chicken, cheese, slaw, bacon and fries spiked on a brioche bun - £8.00 - James

So although this is an independent, it didn't feature on the 21 best cups of coffee list, but we wouldn't let that stop us coming, so we shall resume on our coffee tour next week.

Lucky shake - brownie pieces, whipped cream, Hershey's chocolate sauce, ice cream, strawberries and milk - £5.00

This place is much smaller inside than I imagined, but it's not surprising it's so popular, so we had to wait a while, but once we were seated we ordered straight away and the food arrived shortly after. It's full of character and that independent feel that we love! We were definitely not disappointed! 

Food: ★★★
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