Lunch @ Depot Eatery - Burton Road, Sheffield

Depot Pie - chicken, mushroom and leek, served with salad - £5

After breakfast, we just got ready and cleaned up the house. As mentioned earlier, I had my little Skype call meeting for about an hour and once that was done, we headed straight out for lunch. 

Soup - sweet potato, broccoli and chilli - £3.50

Once again, we are continuing our tour of the 21 best cups of coffee in Sheffield. It's crazy how we've only done 8, still have 13 to go. To be honest were not sure if we'll be able to complete this tour within the next few weeks we have left here in Sheffield but we're going to stay hopeful!

James - Latte - £2.50
Jessica - Mocha - 2.50

This place is exactly how you would imagine it, the name speaks for itself. They only serve food until 3, so we made it with good timing. 

The toilets on the other hand, these toilets were not attached to the place, as it is in a warehouse place, you can imagine the toilets to be.. well, not great and they were not (hence the one star) but we won't hold that to them. 

I have developed quite a love for soup recently, and haven't had a pie for ages! So this visit fulfilled all my cravings! The food was excellent and no wonder - it's the place that supplies food for Steam Yard. However we didn't think the coffee was as good but we  can't put our finger on why. 

We did originally plan to finally have our lucky shake including doughnut after here but it's now closed, so we'll take a stroll around town and see where we end up! 

Food: ★★
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