Dinner @ Wig & Pen - Campo Lane, Sheffield

Beer battered fish of the day - chunky chips, crushed peas, tartar sauce and lemon - £9
Onion rings - £2.50

After brunch (we should actually call it dinner) but to be fair, we did think we was going to have lunch, but as you can see, we had not, well anyway, after we decided to go on one of our random drives to anywhere the wind takes us, since the weather was looking good - sun out, windows down yes!

We ended up by this random garden thing somewhere, had a little stroll and came back home.

In decided wether to have lunch or not, we wrote up a big food shopping list that will fulfil our planned meal weekend - including some baking stuff in there, so look out for that! Took and hour to write up the list and another to complete our shopping.

Although we said we was completely organised with our meals, sometimes things like this happen and sometimes we are just not hungry, so we had to swap some plans from other days etc and this is where we ended up - another Independant Sheffield inspired restaurant!

Jessica - Cosmopolitan - vodka citing, triple sec, cranberry, lime, gomme - £4.50
James - Classic Mojito - Havana blanco, lime, mint, sugar - £4.50

It's funny that we've never noticed this place before since being so close to it last year, from the outside, it just looks like your typical pub. It wasn't as busy as we expected it to be, but we still booked a table just in case since we have plans after. 

At first, I felt it lacked in welcome as I walked in confused not knowing where to go or who I should ask, but once we were see to we were taken to the far corner where other people were sat, where there was more of an atmosphere. 

Once again, since we can't have meat - we obviously went for the fish and chips, we did talk about this the other day about the time we had it in Brighton and had never had it in Sheffield, plus 50% off with your Independant Sheffield card, can't really go wrong with that now, can you?

Although, we did think the batter could have been crispier, the peas should have been more mushy and the tartar sauce a bit less oniony - but I guess that's down to our own preference. The chips were great, we do our potatoes in all forms!

I won't lie, I was disappointed, I wouldn't say I would come back for dinner again but I think it would be a great place to have a drink at with some friends. 

After dinner, we will be heading out to the cinema to watch "how to be single", weird film to watch with your boyfriend I know, but I promise he doesn't mind!

Food: ★★
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