Dinner @ London

Chicken goujons with salad

There's no getting away from me for Jessica, and no getting away from us for you! I am back in London, just a day and a half after Jessica departed Sheffield, but I'm not just here because I miss her, I have an interview tomorrow, and this weekend has been planned for about a year - check back on Friday to hear all about why!

We also have planned a few very (very) nice meals planned at the weekend as if there wasn't enough going on already! As great as Sheffield is, it's going to be good to mix things up a little and give all you London folk something more interesting!

I arrived at 4.30 this afternoon, so had a little wait for Jessica to finish work, but when we did we headed straight to her Grandmas just for a regular visit, had a little small something there - Filipino food of course and then headed to one of Jessica's business duties (again, which you will find out on Friday), which is quite a walk from the house, but even longer when you have a 3 year old boy with you! As cute as Vincent is, it did take us a while!

But when we got back home, we had this dinner and watched Cheaper by the Dozen (no I haven't seen that one before either), while Jessica got on with her other work duties, and by then it was pretty late.

We've got a busy schedule until Friday, make sure to stay updated to find out why!

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