Dinner @ Craft & Dough - Kelham Island, Sheffield

Piggy smalls - pulled pork, smoked streaky bacon, frazzles, tomato & mozzarella - £9
Skinny fries with herd salt - £2 / with Parmesan £2.50

This afternoon, we hadn't done much, due to the fact I was horrible pain for hours! I would like to think I have a high tolerance of pain, so for me to be asking for paracetamol, is a big deal, but didn't help at all. I felt so bad for James, as he could have been doing so much more with his time :(

Eventually, I tired myself out of crying in pain, I fell asleep and woke up good as new (kind of) so I rushed to shower get ready to head out for dinner before it started all over again.

Garlic bread with mozerella - £3.50

So, from James' birthday, due to the mix up we had that night, the waiter kindly gave us a stamped loyalty card for a free pizza, although the it was just one but it was a nice gesture for something that wasn't nessecarily his fault and tonight we decided to use it. 

Although there is a craft and dough practically a 2 minute walk from James' current place, we thought it would be good to visit the other branch by where he used to live last year, for old times sake.

James - Perry Vale Pear Cider - £4.80
Jessica - Mango Cider - £4.30

Ever since the first time we came here, we fell in love with craft and dough, the food and drinks are just so affordable, the vibe is great - it's just good stuff all round!

Food: ★★
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