Brunch @ Homemade by Thelma's - Nether Edge Road, Sheffield

Jessica - smoked salmon, watercress and cream cheese, served with a dressed garden salad - £5.50

Happy Easter weekend everyone! If you follow us on Twitter, you would already know I arrived in Sheffield last night at 11pm. As I work office hours, I am lucky to have this long 4 day weekend to spend with James.

Also, by following us on Twitter you would also know James and I gave up eating crisps this Lent (we are both Christians, but not exactly religious, but we thought we would do it together), so coming home last night to the box of 40 packets of walkers crisps we bought over a month ago was great, along with heaps of Easter eggs from James' family and my requested Krispy Creme doughnuts! You can tell it's going to be a fattie weekend!

Leek, potato and Stilton soup with warm ciabatta - £4

Since last weekend we lacked in content, we decided to be super organised and plan all meals.

So we thought to start off this morning with the continuation of our 21 best cups of coffee in Sheffield tour. Since we follow Independent Sheffield on Instagram, we had been inspired to visit Ink & Water today, but unfortunately they are closed this Easter weekend.

We then planned to go into town and settle for Patisserie Valerie, but it wouldn't have been the same. So, we jumped back in the car and ended up on the other side and oh how glad we did!

James - Brie, spinach and chilli jam quesadilla - a toasted, filled, flour tortilla served with salads from the specials board - £6.75

As we walked in, I noticed the Independeant Sheffield sticker on the window, which is the first time I've seen one and it was just nice to see that welcome.

We sat ourselves down and were seen to quickly and of course we ordered our coffees first (duh the purpose), James and I agreed to get something a little more different than our usual Mocha and Latte, James couldn't go that far with his chooses but I went for a Chai Latte, which o didn't actually think I would like but I enjoyed it greatly. 

Jessica - Chai Latte - £2.40
James - Cappucino - £2.30

As it is Good Friday, we are not meant to eat meat and as we did Lent, we thought we should follow through with this weekend.

We agreed on sharing the soup I spotted on the specials board and got our own separate main meals - the food was nicely presented and worth the price. The soup was bigger than expected and so good! Notice them rating stars - so far the second place we've ever given that to!

James commented on how the atmosphere was how you would expect a place like this is named - he felt it was homely, as if we were eating in someone's kitchen, which was the vibe we felt they were giving off.

The staff were all smiley and friendly, we will defiantly be back to try more from the menu!

Food: ★★★
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