Valentine's Presents

Hello my lovelies, I know this isn't my weekend to blog, but I wanted to squeeze in a cheeky appreciation post to my darling boyfriend.

This is our second Valentine's Day together and to be honest, the first one I made more of an effort than this one. I'm not a very romantic person and I don't like being told what to do, and Valentine's Day is telling me to love my boyfriend more in this day. NO! I love him everyday thanks. 

Anyway, let's be real, James and I don't see each other as often as a regular couple do (well actually we've been seeing each other more often now) so really, is going out and seeing a movie, is typically something we do on a normal weekend. We do it all, so what more is there to do but give each other a card and a gift. 

Side note: shout out to grandma Baker for my cute pink tea pot!

This year, I regretfully didn't get him a present, but I did give in to giving him a card but nothing compares to the very thoughtful gift he gave to me. 

As you can see above in all the pictures, James got me flowers, a present and a card.

The card was related to the present which just the cherry on top. I had to put the flowers in one of James' tall mug because why would he have a vase haha works either way, so...


This is the cutest gift ever because it was a reference to my favourite film 'a walk to remember' and I have always said, he was my shooting star wish come true. 

Let me end the cheesy-ness here, hope you've all have an amazing day whatever you did!

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