Lunch @ Sheffield

Prawn and mushroom Alfredo

We had a very late start to the day,
Although the we was up at 9:30, we just wanted to lay there and recover from the night we had. 

So let's start from the beginning, I got into Sheffield at 11pm last night and once we got to the house, everyone that was going out were already pre-drinking (yes, I was aware of this outing beforehand) so I was willing and prepared to have my first drink and catch up. Night was going well until the cabs arrived and I realised I didn't have my I.D but I took a risk with using the most ridiculous Photobooth membership card to get in and it worked!

Long story short, although I'm not that much older, but clubbing is also not my thing, I do feel like I'm too old for these super late nights after, especially after a long day at work and a two hour train journey but it was good to have gone out with the guys from the house!

Here's the only picture I took last night

And here we are the next day, once again we had a printest inspired meal, expect we just added mushrooms. You can find the link below:

Recently, James and I have been pre-planning all meals, so we're not stuck with time to figure out what to eat.

It's so nice to cook with James again, it's nice to have that balance between going out to eat and having that bonding time and cook together.

We've got an hour or so before James has to head off to work. Most likely going to film our next video for you guys!

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