Lunch no.2 @ 58 Tour Eiffel, Paris

Eveidently, we made it on time for our 2pm slot at the Eiffel Tower and how amazing it is.

First, we went up to the second floor, then waited a while to get up to the top, where it was super windy, but absolutely amazing, then we went back down to the second floor, which where we explored the shops and when we decided to eat.. again. 

We ended up walking down to the first floor, scary but surprisingly a lot of fun, a different view and change of scenery than just taking the lift. 

As you can see, we are eating again, not necessarily because we was hungry again, but we felt we couldn't come here and not eat, face it were fatties anyway.

As we sat down and ordered, there was a photographer walking around taking pictures of everyone, he took about 8 photos in total - we ended up liking only two and got them both.

I'm not going to lie, for where it is, the big  Eiffel Tower, I had some expectations coming in here, but to be completely honest, it was quite underwhelming. The man who served us was great, great customer service, although, we were served our desert when I was still eating my main and while eatin our dessert, out finished plates had not been taken away.

Still wouldn't regret coming here because who wouldn't like a meal with a view and a view it was. 

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