Lunch @ Forge Bakehouse - Abbeydale Road, Sheffield

Baked eggs with a stack of sourdough toast, thyme and garlic roasted mushrooms and pancetta - £6.50 - Jessica

On Jessica's arrival last night, we ordered Dominos pizza to eat whilst watching the Brit Awards which I missed on Wednesday because of work. Although the pizza was great, the driver was quite a let down as we particularly instructed him on the order to sing a song when I answer the door. Not only did he not sing, he made us come outside to him! Party pooper!!

White peak sourdough filled with the ultimate grilled cheese combination of Montgomery's Cheddar, Comte and Ogleshield (with hendersons mushrooms) - £5 - James

Today we woke up really early for some reason and told ourselves we would get up and out early for breakfast. Well we fell back to sleep didn't we, missed breakfast, and here we are at lunch! 

This week we ordered our Independent Sheffield card which gives you a small percentage off certain independent cafes and restaurants across the city. So now seemed like the perfect time to continue on our tour of the 21 best cups of coffee in Sheffield. But we were told we can only use it on pizza nights here - which was disappointing for us but not necessarily their fault. 

This place has a really strange system! There are two different entrances, one to order your food where you have to queue yourself, and then you have to go out and in again, and wait to be seated (there's only 4 tables inside). 

Flat white - £2.50 - James
Hot chocolate - £2.80 - Jessica
Chocolate salted doughnut - Jessica
Ring doughnut - James

The food was excellent, however both of our drinks had a strange taste to them. I don't know what it was, it was just... weird. I'm afraid it doesn't match up to the likes of Steam Yard and Amici & Bici. 

We've decided to add a coffee rating for each of the independent places we'll be going to, and here they are in order so far...

Steam Yard and Amici & Bici ★★★★★
Tamper Coffee ★★★
Bragazzi's and Somewhere Else ★★★
Forge Bakehouse ★ (sorry!) 

And now for the other ratings for Forge Bakehouse...

Food: ★★★
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