Dinner @ Craft & Dough - Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

Crafty Cuts - braised Ox cheek, pepperoni, balsamic red onion, mozzarella and Parmesan - £8.50 - Jessica

It's birthday meal number 3 and we are back in Sheffield after driving from Chester this afternoon. Tonight we are out with my housemates and course mates from uni!

This originally came about after inviting just a few friends for a meal, but it quickly became 15 people and a night out afterwards too!

We originally understood that we would have our own room upstairs so we could all sit around the one table, but the waiter didn't get the note so we ended up sitting on two different tables. It worked out well though, and Jessica made the extra effort to mingle with everyone.

Also, the two tables got their pizza quite some time apart, but I think that's down to them only having a small oven because they don't normally have large parties (the restaurant is quite small and intimate) 

Big time props to the one waiter working there! He had his work cut out and gave Jessica and I cocktails on the house to apologise!

Piggy Smalls - pulled pork, smoked streaky bacon, frazzles, tomato and mozzarella - £9.00 - James

This was Jessica's first time meeting most of the people there but they all got on really well! In fact they became so comfortable that Jessica went round jokingly offending/judging the Margherita eaters! 

After here everyone came back to mine for pre-drinks and then we went out. The night went really smoothly and fun times were had! 

Food: ★★★
Customer service: ★
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