Dinner @ Subway, Shepherds Bush

6 foot big beef melt with lettuce, tomato, jalepenos and hot chilli sauce and a drink - £5

Daddy's Home was a really good movie, hilarious actually - I would recommend it.

After the film, James and I went to Westfield, not for anything in particular, just to walked around and hope to feel hungry haha

Raspberry cheesecake, white chip macadamia nut and double chocolate chip - 3 for £0.99

As most times, James has never had a subway before and I remember when we first started going out and we had discussion about it, it's not that k think greatly of subway not do I think there is anything wrong with it, but you know, I just thought everyone would have at least had one subway and I always think eating something once is an experience. 

Today is finally the day and he got a bit brave with that chilli sauce, but he did enjoy it, he thought it was better than expected and better than the picture. So overall, positive feedback. 

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