Breakfast @ Mad Hatters Tearoom and Bakery, Bridge Street Row

The Mad Hatters' Full Breakfast - a slice of toast, 2 rashers of bacon, a locally sourced sausage, a free ranged egg, fried mushrooms, homemade baked beans, half a herb and garlic tomato, and a black pudding hash brown (Included with a cup of coffee) - £8.50 - Jessica and James

This morning we were up and out fairly early as we were meeting Grandma for breakfast. We wanted to go somewhere new and independent, and it was very fortunate that we were going out with the Queen of Afternoon Tea (Grandma), so she was able to recommend this place!

Porridge - made fresh served with a honey drizzle and toasted hazelnuts, finished with our homemade fruit compote - £4 - Grandma

Grandma and Jessica haven't seen each other for a long while, so it was good for them to catch up! They are becoming rather good pals haha! In fact their conversation was so good that we forgot to take pictures, which we especially wanted as we didn't get any with her last night. 

Now we can't see one Grandma without seeing the other, so afterwards we went to pick up Nanny so she can spend sometime at home with us this afternoon.

As you may guess from the name, it is inspired by Alice in Wonderland so it is really quirky inside! Teapots hanging off the ceiling, spilt ice creams on the floor, and plenty of delicious food!

Raspberry and white chocolate cupcake - Jessica
Chocolate and strawberry cupcake - Olivia
Rocky road slice - James

So many cupcakes were being brought out by the baker whilst we were sat eating, so Grandma very kindly bought Jessica, Olivia and myself one, along with a teapot for Jessica that she was admiring!  

Food: ★★★★
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