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5AM START! This morning, I woke up at 5am to reach my 7.20am train to Manchester. Meeting James on a Saturday? Not our usual, but this was an exception, we wasn't meant to see each other this weekend, but as the people we are, we thought why the hell not. 

Why Manchester? Well, the original reason why we didn't plan to see each other was because James is going to a gig today in the evening with his dad, here in Manchester. 

Yes, yes, that did mean I was alone again but we'll get to that later.

James and I met around 9ish at Manchester (tried to get there roughly the same time) James did get there 20 mins or so before we and on my arrival, I had Starbucks coffee and a bacon bun waiting for me!

*story to be continued on the next post*

Back to the food, as mentioned I lurrrrrv me some nachos, so of course we had to get the sharing platter one, along with the normal salsa and sour cream, along with these we was allowed to pick an extra topping, there was a few options. There was one that sounded jbteresting but weird, so I asked about it and the waitress suggested to get it, and so we did! Great decision, the cranberry and chorizo really complimented each other and it didn't taste as odd as it sounds haha

Prices & information below:

Sharing platter nachos with chorizo and cranberry
Price: £11.45

Peroni (James)
Price: £4.40

Long Island iced tea (Jessica)
Price: £6.75

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