Starbucks @ Manchester Piccadilly station

*apologises in advance for the lack of picture*

When it was time, I dropped James off to the venue and made my way back to the station where I began my wait.

I decided to sit in Starbucks, got my white chocolate mocha and opened up my book. 

Side note: I started this book back in September just after our holiday and I've been slacking badly, I say due to the lack of interest, only because I've seen the film before hand and I already knew what was going to happen, although the ending is completely different and so much better. So I was happy I finally finished it!

To be fair, reading the book kept me occupied for a while, before I knew it I only had an hour left to wait.

After reading, I didn't do much, just went through my phone and watched everyone's snapchats, and all that jazz.

Story time: Half an hour before I was meant to leave, a man sat next to me, charged his phone, all the normal stuff and then fell asleep - fine, then suddenly, he woke up and walked away tugging on his charger. Didn't think anything of it and at this point I thought I'd get up an walk around for the last bit of my wait. It seemed as if I was following him but I wasn't and eventually didn't see him again. I was confused and a bit worried, so 20 mins later, I went back to Starbucks and realised his bag and charger was still there and no sign of him. I think he was drunk and as it was a station, I raised my concern with a barista in Starbucks and left. Weird right? Ugh being there was weird anyway, a hell of a lot of drunk people.

I started walking and reasonably slow, to pass more time but it was so cold! Got there just as soon as people started leaving but of course James took his wet time to come out, then eventually found each other and got in his dad's car to then start our drive to Chester.

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