Lunch @ Mike's Cafe, Portobello Road

Jessica - Lamb chops served with mint sauce on the side - with mash potato and vegetables - £8.45
Apple juice - £1.95

Tuesday morning - as mentioned in yesterday's post - I also worked 9 to 1 today, James woke up later than planned, so he didn't end up doing any uni work, so instead he went to portobello to pick up on of my Christmas presents he had ordered. 

James - Gammon & Eggs - Gammon steak served with two eggs of your choice (fried) and fries - £10.95
Apple juice - £1.95

James ended up being super early to pick me up from work, but we were currently moving some stuff around, but I managed to get James in the last few minuets and he got to meet my work colleagues.

Went straight home, as I wanted to shower and wash my hair, then we headed straight out for lunch, as we had exciting plans for after 4! Winter wonderland! I say after 4 because my cousin works there and we would have gotten free food😊

Jessica - Homemade apple crumble served with custard - £3.50

Although we've been to Mike's cafe before - we absolutely loved it the first time, it's small and cosy, clearly family friendly and it just has such good vibes. 

We decided to get something different than what we had last time, and of course we wasn't disappointed!

James - Warm fudge cake served with cream - £3.50

Ugh so good! But now, off to winter wonderland we go!

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