Dinner @ TGI Friday's, Leicester Square

Starter - Times Square Big Share - Jack Daniel's chicken wings, loaded bacon potato skins and mozzarella dippers. Served with sour cream, Jack Daniel's glaze and tomato & basil mariara sauce - £16.29

Monday morning - I still had work, luckily, I managed to get today and tomorrow half days, so I worked from 9 to 1. In the time I was working, James also got up to do his uni work, so st least he has something to do too. 

Jessica's main - 8oz sirloin steak with a choice of one sauce and two sides: jack Daniel's glaze, creamy mash and chips- £17.49
Haymarket - ABSOLUTE Raspberri and apple liquor with fresh orange, raspberries and a touch of sugar - £7.80  

After work, got home to freshen up and planned to go to the 2:50 cinema screening to watch 'Sisters' with James, Charlyn and Alyssa.

Before heading to Westfield, we had to stop by my grandmas, so James could say hello and to drop off the Christmas present we got her (we did all out Christmas shopping together this year)

James' main - French Dip Burger - Caramelized onions, melted on Swiss cheese and garlic mayo. Served with a rich beef sauce and crispy fries - £12.99
Peroni - £4.50

We didn't realise the time and we were already behind schedule, but none of us hadn't eaten yet - so of course we went to get some chips at George's - the most famous chip shop in the West - although, sadly the owner of how many years passed away a few days before. 

Cheese double layered nachos - Corn tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, chilles and jalapeƱos. Served with Friday's spicy guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and sour cream - £9.79

After the cinema, we looked around Westfield for a bit, as we had a booking reservation in TGI Fridays at 6:45 in Leicester Square. Charlyn chose this place for her meal as she had never been here before - little did she know, they did the whole embarrassing birthday singing MWAHAHHA 

Charlyn, Alyssa and mum all had the same main - Half rack Jack Daniel's Ribs -Dusted with Cajun spices and coated in Jack Daniel's glaze. Severed with onion rings and crispy fries - £12.99

Shout out to our waiter, Hector, who gave great customer service, always topped up our drinks without us asking, clearing and serving at the right times - made James jealous from all my comments about him haha

It was a great evening and to top it all off, they made Charlyn stand up in front of everyone and sang happy birthday to her! The cake was really nice too!

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