Dessert @ TGI Friday's, Manchester Piccadilly station

From lunch, we were stuffed, like seriously full, I didn't actually finish my food - it was that deep. 

We finished lunch quite late, we walked around more, and went into the shopping mall, looked into a few shops and I bought a little something for someone while I was there. 

Then before we knew it, it was a decent enough time to start making our way back to the station, which was closer to the venue than where were already, so it was easier to locate and depart from each other.

Before James had to leave, we had enough time and by then enough space to share a dessert (obvs) and had a hot drink to settle us from the cold (James complain about his Luke warm latte, that is why it is not in the picture) haha

Prices & information below:

Brownie obesess (to share)
Price: £6.49

Hot tea (Jessica)
Price: £2

Latte (James)
Price: £2.30

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