Lunch @ Pizza Hut, Hammersmith

Just as I thought I wouldn't be back in London for a while due to work, here I am! Despite being together for the previous two weekends and the two after this one, we just can't stay away from each other. After Jessica joked about that I should come to London because I don't have work on the Sunday and don't need to be back at university until Tuesday, I ended up looking at train tickets - just out of curiosity. But surprisingly the prices weren't too bad (albeit a bit more than we'd normally pay), so I booked them! I came on Saturday night straight after work, and got into London at 8.30pm. 
This weekend we had the pleasure of babysitting (they are definitely not babies haha) Jessica's sister, Khyla, and her God-daughter Nevaeh.

On Sunday morning we went to the Kids AM showing of 'Inside Out' at 10am, at the Vue Cinema at Westfield. Afterwards at about 12pm we then came here, to Pizza Hut. It was all a lot of fun but quite tiring! Jessica and I got this pizza to share, but we couldn't finish it. So we took it away with us and gave it to people at home.
I was quite the irresponsible babysitter by playing footsies under the table and throwing chips and pizza toppings at Khyla and Nevaeh! They took it a bit seriously though so I had to prevent a mass food fight breaking out! Oops!

Prices & Information below:

Meat Feast 16inch Sharing Pizza
 - with stuffed crust
Price: £19.49

Children's Pizza and Chips
Price: £4.99 (including dessert - see next post)

Children's Chicken and Chips
Price: £4.99 (including dessert - see next post)

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