Lunch @ Pizza Express - Meadowhall, Sheffield

So we left for me to go to work at 11am, and I started at 12. We got there 20 minutes or so early so we wandered around for a bit, and had a look at the ice-skating rink they have there over the Christmas period - we might do it next time!

Again, Jessica was unsure of whether to stay around for a bit and eat at Pizza Express - but at around 2, I had the delightful news delivered by one of my colleagues that Jessica was in the building! It turns out that she had done some shopping for a couple of hours and chilled at Starbucks.

I was pretty busy at the time so I didn't have as many chances to go over and serve her as I would've liked. However, Jessica told me afterwards that despite sitting behind a wall so I couldn't see her, she had been spying on me the whole time through a mirror on the wall! So when I couldn't figure out how to turn the coffee machine off, she was having a right laugh at me without me even knowing! Disgusting haha!

The restaurant had started to quieten down after a while, so by the time Jessica had finished her main course, I was able to take her dessert order and even make it for her! Yes, I made it okay haha! I have been wanting to try these profiteroles ever since I started working here, so I was a bit jealous!

Around an hour after Jessica had left to go home, I had the realisation that I had the house key in my coat pocket and there was nothing I could do about it! I was hoping that someone would be in the house to let her in and luckily there was! But I always lock my room door as well, so she could only go into the lounge and kitchen. This was absolutely devastating - she had no access to the Walkers Crisps, or my laundry that needed ironing! Sad times! But she did hoover the lounge and do our dishes from earlier. Thank you for doing that baby!

Prices & Information below:

Pennette Bolegnese
 - a rich beef, porcini mushroom, tomato and garlic bolegnese sauce with penitent pasta, finished with Gran Milano cheese and fresh parsley
Price: £10.95

Salted Caramel Profiteroles
 - with a sweet caramel coating filled with a delicately salted caramel cream
Price: £5.50

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