Lunch @ Hanky Panky, Chester

Today we have a special guest with us, James' mum, Helena. James and had discussed briefly about where we would eat and we thought we would take a trip back here. No better way to start your day with some Hanky Panky pancakes!

Since we had a light breakfast and that each time we've been here, we've always had the big three stack sweet pancakes (which I never end up finishing anyway) we decided to go for a savoury one. 

While waiting for a table, watching others get their food, we saw one with bacon, scrambled egg and mushrooms - that was the moment we knew - it was confirmed - that is what we were having!

James' mum isn't a big fan of savoury pancakes and had her mind set on a sweet one. 

We waited a bit, as we wanted to start all together and plus - we all know my rule, I have to take a picture before we eat haha 

Helena's sweet pancake came after, but James was too hungry and worried his food was getting cold to wait, so we started without her, as we was told to.

James and his mum are both very fast eaters anyway, and I not so much but it worked out even in the end - once again couldn't eat all of my food, so James was there to make sure it was gone. 

It was a lovely meal and a great catch up to have together - I look forward to having more meals like this in the future.

Prices & information below:

Tiramisu-ish (Helena)
Cappuccino ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, marscapone, serves with an espresso. 
Price: £6.80

Decaf Tea

Created our own (James)
Two stacks - £6
Scrambled egg - £1
Mushrooms - 50p
Bacon - £1.50


Created our own (Jessica)
One stack - £5
Scrambled egg - £1
Mushrooms - 50p
Salmon - £2

Naughty but nice hot chocolate

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