Dinner @ Sheffield

This was one of the first meals that Jessica ever cooked for me when we had our week and a half together in April - and it was so good! It was a Chicken and Mushroom pie made in the slow cooker. In the week, Jessica made sweet potato fries at home, and I became very jealous! I only allowed her to do such a thing if she were to make them for me at the weekend - we had a deal!

As I said, we were supposed to have this yesterday. We were going to prepare in the morning and put in the slow cooker so it would be ready for the evening. It takes 7-8 hours! But we ran out of time on Saturday morning so we had to change plans and swap the two evening meals.

As we had already made this, and not knowing how much we would eat for lunch, we had to at least attempt this - even know we were not hungry at all! I didn't expect to finish it, but I was disappointed in myself in only managing about half. But on the good side, I do have some left over pie to eat during the week!

It's been a lovely and delicious weekend, but we now go back to our two week gap as I am working all next weekend and it is Khyla's birthday - Jessica's sister, so she has to be in London. We are already looking forward to Jessica's next visit to Sheffield in two weeks time. I'm sure the food planning will begin soon!

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