Dinner @ Pizza Express - Meadowhall, Sheffield

Jessica had been debating whether to go back home whilst I was at work, or stay and do some shopping and maybe eat at Pizza Express. I need a bottle opener for work, and every time so far i've had to borrow one or bring the one that people share in my house. So Jessica being the darling that she is, trekked around trying to find one for me for an hour and a half! But couldn't find one that didn't do a million other things. Other than that she sat in Starbucks and sat in the food court area reading the book she had bought from Waterstone's.
And then at around 8.15, she got to my work, and sat in the corner hoping that not many people would notice she was eating alone. Luckily it was quite quiet so i got chances to go over and talk to her.
She decided on the Pollo Pesto, but was not happy that some of it was burnt. To be fair this isn't good! The chef had a joke about how dare she complain, but offered her a free drink to apologise. When i finished at 9 i sat with Jessica to eat my free pizza, and shared with her the Chocolate Glory dessert.

Prices and Information below:

Pollo Pesto
 - chicken, mushrooms, red onions, mozzarella, Gran milano cheese and penitent pasta in a b├ęchamel & pesto sauce
Price: £10.95

Chocolate Glory
 - vanilla gelato, chocolate sauce, chunks of chocolate fudge cake, chocolate straw
Price: £5.50

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