Dessert @ The Botanist, Chester

Once everyone left, we went to go have dessert before I had to catch the train back to London :(

We did choose to share one, as we both went super hungry but it was a awaited dessert, as we wanted to get it yesterday, after Hanky Panky, but we got convinced not to by Helena haha (didn't want to risk us spoiling our dinner)

It was actually pretty cool, as simple as it sounds, strawberries and marshmallow combination, but the way it was presented on a kebab stick was cool and on top of that, the chocolate sauce was placed on top of it, which you pour into and it drizzles down as you eat it. Cool right? 

Although I had to leave, it was a good way to spend our last hour together, doing what we do best.. Eat;)

Strawberry and marshmallow kebab, with sailor jerry chocolate sauce, served with vanilla ice cream
Price: £4.95

Price: £2

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