Cocktails @ The Church, Chester

Woo guys! I AM BACK! I've missed you dearly.

My train arrived in Chester at 8.47pm, the earliest I've ever got here, I believe. Due to that, James suggested that we get a drink before heading home.

You know, not everyday be boring, sometimes go out and have a drink on a Friday night haha

James thought of a place, it was called 'The Church' - odd name for a bar & restaurant but it makes sense, since it actually used to be a church - smart right? 

Well, it was really nice - you can tell in the window detail and the massive (what's it's called, where the sound comes out from the piano) well, that - it was really fascinating!

The bartenders are very talented and professional - throwing the bottles and all sorts around - very entertaining! I was very impressed. 

For a Friday night, it wasn't as jammed as I thought it would be, so we did manage to find a table outside (it was very cold, I assume that's why)

We only had one drink, as James was driving and let me honest, I only need one to keep me going haha

We ended up taking a drive - not too far from where he lives and just looked at the stars - romantic? I suppose but it's so amazing to me because in London, due to the many lights, it hard to see the many stars, but in Chester, you can see them all - a picture could not justify it, so you'll just have to go have a look for yourself - you will not be disappointed!

Prices & information below:

Sex on the beach
Price: £6.95

Pina Colada
Price: £6.95

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