Nachos @ Jack's Cafe, Queens Park

Woo! James Bay today!

So James arrived in London around 2:30, so I took half day and finished at 2 - although he didn't actually get to me by 3:30, due to being stuck in the underground. 

Anyway, regardless, he made it to me eventually. 2 is the usual time for me to eat for lunch, but I obviously had to wait for James. So once he came and I was done getting ready, we was ready for food! 

We agreed to stay near the area as we had to get to Broxton by 7. As much time as that sounds, you'd be surprised.

So I knew of this place that a friend of mine has been to around my area, so we went there - right by the station, very convenient.

Mains was what we were aiming for but I cannot resist me some nachos. I am a sucker for anything avacado! 

Prices & information below:

- with melted cheese, guacamole, soured cream and salsa
Price: £7.50
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