Lunch @ Smack - Lobster Roll, Soho

So, here we are, at the place where we was meant to have dinner last night! Haha when we established we will not be going out last night - we agreed to make sure we came today!

We did struggle to find it,
Well because the first one we went to was closed and turned into burger & lobster - we was not feeling that much food at that time to be honest.

So we walked all the way to the one in soho, while walking be into shops looking for a bag for myself - went to Zara to Teb Baker to Michael Kors, back to Zara real quick! Haha one day, I will own a Micheal Kors bag! Anyway...

We eventually found the place, we saw through the window that there was limited seating and the people by the window who had food - the roll looked quite small for its price but then, after all that walking - we wanted it! 

I would now say that it is worth the price, as it is lobster to be fair. The chowder was amazing too! Yum!

It did fill us up to an extent, but it was good for us, since we passed a dessert shop on the way here and plus, there is loads of Filipino food at home due to my baby cousins birthday!

Prices & information below:

California Roll
Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado Mayo with Lime, Chives
Price: £10

Seven Samurai
Japanese Mayo, White Cabbage, Cucumber, Pickled Ginger, Spring Onions, Togarashi Spice
Price: £10

Lobster Chowder
Price: £5  

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