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After a very long gap (well our regular gap) from being away from each other - it was so hard because we went from being together for over a week straight, to no gap weekends, to a 4 day gap - then straight back into our normal 2 weeks. This ish just gets harder and harder for us. 

Today also marks our 1 year and 1 month together - we are not the type of people to celebrate that kind of thing, due to the fact that we are not always together on the 16th of every month - as cheesy as this will sound, but we don't need one day of the month to be super special, as each day I'm with him is special!

I'm in Sheffield at 11pm, bless James for picking me up, but really and truly, he had to - I don't know where he lives - oh yes, this is my first time back in Sheffield since the new academic year has started and of course he now lives in a shared house and not in halls anymore. Exciting stuff - it's like my own personal getaway house.

As well as blessing me with his presence going to the house, he also bought me food! It was waiting for me to get home to it! And not just any type - TACO BELL! Well aren't I lucky? And isn't he so lucky to live down the road from one! Taco Bell closes at 11, so if you was wondering why he bought it for me, if he only lives down the road from it. I'm spoilt, but not that spoilt - okay I am, but shhh.

AND okay, now I know I'm spoilt - he also got me crips, because everytime I'm with him, I alway snack on crisp - it's an addiction! AND yes there is another 'and' HE BOUGHT ME KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS! 

Prices & Information Below:

The Big Bell Box
Price: £5.26
(with Student discount)



485 Ecclesall Road
Sheffield Yorkshire, S11 8PP
Phone: 0114 266 4672
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