Late Breakfast @ The Cereal Killer Cafe, Brick Lane

Today we decided to head out to Shoreditch, the main reason being to go here - The Cereal Killer Cafe. Due to rail engineering works, it took us over an hour to get here (yes over an hour for a bowl of cereal haha), but it was no ordinary bowl of cereal.

They sell British, American and global cereal brands and offer such a large variety of milks, as well as toast, pop tarts, hot and cold drinks, and also cereal cocktails.

We wanted to make the most of the journey we had made to get here, so we walked around the markets, and of course, experienced Shoreditch's famous street food. See our next post to find out what we had!

Prices & Information below:

Cereals: (Large £4.40) (Jessica)
Recce puffs Milbo Choco Hershey's cookies & cream
Milk: free (special +40p) White chocolate
Toppings: (+60p) Fluff marshmallows
Red Velvet PopTart £1.50
Cereals: (Large £4.40) (James) Hershey's cookies & cream
Milk: free (special +40p) Salted Caramel
Toppings: (+60p) Strawberries
Toast with Fluff £1.50

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